OVERVIEW OFThe flexible elastomeric foam insulation is manufactured in Bangi plant, Malaysia. The products are manufactured using the highest quality raw material, latest extrusion and blowing technology under stringent quality control.The flexible elastomeric foam insulation business was accredited ISO 9001 on September 13, 2000. The products are distributed locally and exported to a number of foreign countries, such as Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Africa, India Sub-continent, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Singapore and other countries. Export Sales accounted for about 70% of the total sales.All Insulflex products come with an assurance of quality and reliability using the highest quality of raw, continuous research and development, updated technology and production facilities so as to keep pace with requirement of international specifications and standards.Insulflex welcome all enquiries on our product range and our distribution channels within Malaysia and other countries.
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